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The NT POCT Program is governed by the NT POCT Management Committee, a collaborative partnership between the Flinders University International Centre for Point-of-Care Testing (ICPOCT), Northern Territory Government - NT Health and the Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance Northern Territory (AMSANT).

The primary role of the Management Committee is to ensure accountability for decision making and the efficient delivery of the NT POCT Program. Members of the committee facilitate communication to all relevant stakeholders involved with point-of-care testing in the NT.

The Management Committee is comprised of the following members:


  • Chair and Program Manager
  • NT POCT Program Coordinators (WBC DIFF and i-STAT)
  • Scientific staff
  • Secretary

NT Health

  • Clinical Advisor
  • Regional POCT Supervisor/PPN from Central Australia Health Services (CAHS) Primary Health Care
  • Regional POCT Supervisor/PPN from Top End Health Services (TEHS) Primary Health Care
  • Representative(s) from the Quality and Safety Team


  • Representative for Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services