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Meet our team

Meet the International Centre for Point-of-Care Testing NT POCT team

Lauren Duckworth

NT POCT Program Manager

Lauren is from the Sunshine Coast and moved to Adelaide for University. She has travelled all around Australia and has lived in both Darwin and Western Queensland for brief periods. Lauren joined the team in 2016 and lives and breathes i-STAT. She is always happy to have a chat and help out with whatever she can.

See Lauren's research at Research @ Flinders

Trishni Putty

WBC DIFF Program Coordinator & Scientist

Trishni is from the Island of Mauritius and came to Melbourne for her higher studies in 2009. She completed her Bachelor of Biomedical Science at Monash University. She later went on to do her Master's in Laboratory Medicine at RMIT University due to her passion for science and patient care. As part of her course requirement, Trishni came to Adelaide for her work placement and never left… Her specialisation was in immunology, specifically paediatrics immunology. Trishni currently works in the WBC DIFF program.

Ellen Kambanaros

i-STAT Program Coordinator & Scientist

Ellen grew up in Adelaide and completed a Bachelor of Medical Science (Hons) at Flinders University in 2018. She then worked in a private pathology laboratory before joining the International Centre for Point-of-Care Testing in 2021. Ellen is passionate about the benefits of POCT and is always happy to provide support in any way she can. 

Joy Tennant

NT POCT Program Administration Assistant

Joy has a background in administration and graphic design and completed a Bachelor of Arts at The University of Adelaide. She has worked mainly in higher education settings and also worked briefly overseas in the UK. Joy enjoys working within the NT POCT program with its positive focus on accessible healthcare. 

Cathy Waymark

NT POCT / TTANGO Program Administration Assistant

Cathy has a background in finance and administration and has worked in many industries, more recently in tourism and aged care. Cathy enjoys assisting with the provision of POCT services, which align with her interest in contributing to the improved health and wellbeing of people. Cathy currently works with the NT POCT i-STAT and WBC DIFF programs and the TTANGO program.